How To Build A Blind For Bird Photography?

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If you want to enjoy the beauty of beautiful wild birds and take a close shot of them, you should use a blind. It always provides you opportunities to make a masterpiece. For this, In the article, I will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how you can build a blind to capture bird images. 

What is a bird blind?

The bird blind is a structure that provides a hidden place and keeps you concealed from wildlife—Moreover, its design is like the natural habitat. 

For this, birds do not see you when you hide behind a blind. The chance will increase that you will take better photos as birds do not hesitate to approach close to the blind.

Where should you set up the bird blind?

You should always select the bird blind placement location carefully. Otherwise, you will sit all day long without seeing a single bird. If you want to take a bird photo from your backyard, you should place the blind near the tree or shrub where birds sit before landing in the feeder or birdbath. 

Also, if you want to take photos from outdoor areas, you should have enough idea about the bird’s flight route and where they land in search of food. Search such a place and set up the blind. Also, you have to know about birds’ natural habitats in your local areas to find out the perfect place. 

How To Build A Blind For Bird Photography?

Select the below step by step guide to making a perfect blind:

Making blinds in a jungle

Step 1: First, you need to best perspective to film the bird in your chosen location. Also, when selecting the location, you should try to find the least distracting background to capture or film. After selecting the location, you need to start making a hide or blind.

Step 2: You need to determine the height of the blind and where the opening should be for the windows. Then, it would help if you started collecting the materials to construct these blinds. You can gather saplings or palm fronds to make the structure. Take help from locals if you want to make the blind in a jungle or other places.

Step 3: You need to create the structure according to your preference. The structures could be anything from a simple cube to or square. Also, you can design the structure more sophisticatedly. To connect branches to the frame, use vines as a natural lashing material.

Step 4: Now, hide the structure using palm fronds to provide the blind with a natural look. Those will work as camouflage material. Now, your blind is ready for use, and take images of beautiful birds.

Making in the background or open place

Step 1: First, you need to select the location and get a ground blind or make one mentioned in the above section. Now, put the blind into your selected location. Now, put the important equipment in the blind.

Step 2: Though most ground blind comes with a camo pattern, you can make it more natural by putting limbs and vines on the blind. It will make the blind more acceptable among birds, and you will get a higher to get a perfect shot of birds.

Important equipment you should carry with the bird blind

If you make a bird blind or purchase one top-quality blind for photography but forget to bring essential equipment, you cannot succeed in your vision. You should not forget to take the below important equipment when going for bird photography.

  1. Camera for bird photography ( of course!)
  2. Tripod
  3. Tripod Head
  4. limbs for extra cover
  5. A comfy chair
  6. Clippers

Final Words

Using a bird blind is a perfect way to get a bird’s close view and take a perfect shot. It keeps you hidden from birds, which increases the bird’s chance of approaching close to you. For this, having a bird blind is important. So, I hope our today’s guide will help you to make a bind easily.

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