5 Best Birding Books You Should Own In 2022

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Are you a bird lover who wants to identify them easily? Then what for waiting? We’ve selected a list of the best birding books to help you find more about birding due to your passion.

Birders use their accents, as a way to associate with one another. In a single calendar year, it is hard to identify as many birds. These books are the readings ideal for bird lovers!

Bird-watching is a pleasurable pastime that must be pursued. It offers enormous quantities of data to wildlife experts. It is helpful to one’s physical and mental health and is eco-friendly. 

Bird-watching is vital because it gives a subtle link between people and their natural surroundings. Here are some of the five best books written that cover birds and birding.

The best birding books: A Helpful Guide

To begin, browse guide books at an online bookstore. And see which one best suits your needs. Look up four or five birds you’re familiar with, and choose a few that appeal to you.

The best bird identification books are always an option, as many people give you different responses. It’s easy to become puzzled when looking through bird guide books. It can be challenging to pick the right bird field guide. 

Have a look at a few of the latest field guides for birders. If you’d like to learn to bird, begin with a guide that shows all of the birds in North America.

 The 5 best birding books

1. What It’s Like To Be a Birds

What It’s Like to be a Bird is a book for the birder and non-birder. The book provides a better understanding and shared knowledge about birds. It also presents some new information about birds. David Sibley is the author of this book. He answers the most often asked questions about the most common birds that we see often.

What It's Like To Be a BirdsWhat It's Like To Be a Birds

The questions are such – can birds smell? Do robins ‘hear’ worms? What are they doing and why? and so many relatable questions. With covering more than 200 kinds and more than 330 illustrations, the author has brought this unique book in a large format. The book comes with so many lovely artworks and high expertise components. It pays to heed much on the doings of birds and why they do so. With fascinating scientific research, author Sibley represents birds adopting environmental changes. 


  • It provides many frequently asked questions
  • Having commonly deep knowledge about birds
  • Two hundred species and 330 illustration holders
  • A story-sharing book for children
  • Come up with exacting artworks
  • Focus on familiar backyard birds
  • Catchy scientific research
  • A big learning format for non-birders
  • Beneficial for both birders and non-birders


  • Focus and examine certain species

2. The Bird Way

The Bird Way is giving you a new audible audiobook with a reading solo book. It looks at how birds talk, work, play and think. A radical investigation has been gathered from the New York Times best-selling author. Listening to this audiobook, people can acquire knowledge of many birds’ stories, and it describes their lives.

The Bird WayThe Bird Way

Here, you can know about their behaviors, activities, abilities, communication with other birds, etc. Their actions are remarkable and so exposing. Birds talking, working, playing, and parenting is so much more unique than human beings. The author records this audiobook based on personal observation.


  • Provide a kindle reading book
  • An audible audiobook
  • An audible sample is given
  • Based on recent scientific research
  • Obtaining knowledge about the remarkable intelligence of birds
  • Made on personal observation
  • Describe bird parenting
  • Get to know about the unusual behavior of birds


  • Present a selfies side of a bird

3. National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds

The National Geography Field Guide is the most up-to-date guide on the market. This book has been created in line with the departed American Ornithological Society labor force. The 592 pages book has more than 2.75 million copies in print.

National Geographic Field Guide to the BirdsNational Geographic Field Guide to the Birds

The book gives many descriptions of the North American bird field. It is the best-selling book with 1,023 species, And It’s restored with hand-painted diagrams of top artists. An ever-popular hummingbird on the front page seeks much attention from buyers. It is the 7th edition with 37 new species, 16 new pages for 250 fresh illustrations, 80 new maps, and 350 maps revisions. It is a standardized banding guide supervised by birding experts.


  • A fully revised popular edition.
  • The best-selling guide
  • Perfect for both beginners and advanced birders
  • Filled with hand-painted art of top nature artists
  • A desirable edition for birders
  • It includes more features than the previous edition
  • An essential guide for Vettel experts
  • A top-class guide book


  • An over pages guide
  • Only provides North American Ornithological guidance

4. The Sibley Field Guide to Birds

Sibley has a good view that helps you find quickly. It offers guidance on a variety of topics, draws birds, and reviews many birding tools. A fantastic range map that illustrates the bird’s entire North American range is included in the book. 

The Sibley Field Guide to BirdsThe Sibley Field Guide to Birds

The book examines the essential points and markings in the images. Sometimes, the grouping of habitats, conduct, food and feeding, and voices. The book contains a great map showing the birds in North America.

The second version, issued in 2016, addresses none of the issues raised in the first edition. The sans serif font is simple to read. And designs that work with the book’s small, light format. The book is well-illustrated, comprehensive, and includes many analysis features. It’s a little bigger than ideal.


  • It’s easy to use
  • Maintain a safe and active mind
  • The drawings are precise
  • The best book for new birders to read
  • It Connects to the natural world.
  • A fantastic pocket-sized field guide
  • The artwork is simple and straightforward
  • The details in this book are concise
  • 698 species and illustrations holder


  • It’s not suitable for the identification of related species.
  • The sketches on the hardback are tiny.

5. Paint by Sticker: Birds

This edition of the Workman Publishing features an Oriole woodpecker hummingbird. The colors are vibrant. Paint-by sticker paperback is an excellent activity for kids and adults. It’s a cure to boredom in one word, “mindless fun.”

Paint by Sticker: BirdsPaint by Sticker: Birds

The book contains 12 colorful drawings. These paint-by-sticker books inspire kids to focus and keep quiet. The images are beautiful—this book influences computer graphics, and polygon forms three dimensions. The book contains 56 pages, including stickers. Adults and children alike would enjoy it.


  • Stickers are easy to pull
  • Great activity for kids
  • The book is made of good quality
  • The pictures in the book are colorful and detailed
  • It’s enjoyable to put together a puzzle piece
  • Excellent present to gift
  • The numbers are easy to follow
  • It’s a great way to spend time in waiting rooms


  • The book is heavy to carry

Bird identification book: Why Need this book

The best bird identification book is the subject of choice. Many people will provide you with different answers about this. You can browse any library or book store for the best understanding and ask for a guide—select applicants. And look for familiar birds. Which is the best guide to showing birds? Is the book comfortable? Is it easy to search the pages?

Most experienced birds prefer expert-drawn guides to photographs. Artists depict birds in similar poses. Using their experience and knowledge, they can easily highlight essential field signs. Differences in photos, lighting conditions, and bird poses are essential. It can cover features or highlight minor ones.

You can also consider the size when buying a guide. If your book is too large, you may not want to carry it. Again, if it is too small, it may not include all of your birds. Or it is better to start with such a guide from all the birds of the west.

Bird of Hawaii, a short guide published by Hawaii Audubon. This is the only field guide with complete coverage of a single state. Also, small-geographic regions or state-centered guides do not cover all birds in a particular area. These are more short-sized guides, which should be used in meeting with a more thorough guide to avoid misidentification and frustration.

How to Start Birding

There is no better time than now to think of joining a group of 47 million birds in the United States. This simple primer will give you the tools you need to move along in the field with confidence.

Finding birds is much easier than done. Avoiding them requires some skill. And if you keep an eye on it, you will determine what you are looking for.

Birds are everywhere. But you may need some help to spot them.

Preparing for a bird outing means more than studying a field guide. It can be an adventure. But it should never be reckless. You learn the guidelines set by the American Birding Association to reduce your impact on birds and other wildlife, which will help you. And you can be sure of how to protect yourself as well. 

Until the end, quickly develop a pre-bird routine, which can save you a lot of pain in the long run. Every hobby has the necessary gear.

Final Words

Birds are usually able to quickly identify species based on their silhouette, tail type, and color. There are also sonograms and song descriptions. And the best birding books also explain how to use and understand them.

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