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If you consider yourself a hobbyist and passionate about bird watching and want to watch wild birds in your yard, you come into the right place. I love to share with you some helpful resources which make your bird-watching journey easy and smooth.

I do in-depth research depending on your queries and provide a better solution regarding bird watching issues and you will get tips regarding attracting them or you want to learn to bird.

Plus, I trying to provide some outstanding reviews of bird-watching products like feeders, food, gadgets, and many more. For this, I do in-depth research regarding the product and comes out with its best and worst part which helps you to select the right item for birding.

My vision is to create birdsdepot.com one of the biggest online platforms for all sorts of birders and bird watchers. I hope you are getting helpful resources from my website. Keep enjoying the content as I love to create the content.

About Me

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Riyad Bhuiyan

Student, Writer, and Avian Enthusiast

If I want to introduce myself in a single word, I am one who likes to write about birds. I try to do all the processes of generating good quality content.

Now, I am completing my bachelor’s degree in mathematics as well as writing content for my website. I hope you love to read my content.