How to Clean Bird Toys: The Ultimate Guide

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If you are a new bird owner, you may not know how important it is to keep bird toys clean. This will keep your birds’ toys free from disease when you keep bird toys clean regularly. Because bird toys may contain germs that may come from other birds, make sure your birdcage is kept sanitary. Now the question may come to your mind on how to clean bird toys.

Since bird toys come in a variety of sizes and shapes, it is difficult to keep them clean and sanitary. However, it is very important and necessary to keep the bird toys clean at all times. Because your bird is in contact with toys most of the time, and if the toys are contaminated, your bird will get sick.

How to clean bird toys: Tips

Birds are known to be the most sensitive animals in the animal kingdom. So all types of supplies must be kept clean. However, cleaning solutions can be toxic to birds. So when you clean your bird cage, you must keep this bird in another cage.

Check their food and water daily to keep the birds healthy. You should also remove the cage liner and soiled debris every day. And every week you have to clean all kinds of supplies for your bird, including its toys. Toys need to be cleaned once a week. So here are some tips to help you clean bird toys easily:

Remove the toys and birds from the cage

The first step in keeping bird toys clean is to remove the toys and birds from the cage. Never clean bird toys around birds, as this can cause a variety of toxic substances to enter your bird’s body. Although cleaners are non-toxic, their fumes and odors can be dangerous in the airborne form of birds. Also, if your bird is not in the cage, you can easily clean the bird toys.

Put the toys in hot water

Toys contain external dirt and germs. So run bird toys in hot water to separate dirt and germs.

Check the toys carefully

Debris is stuck in the toys; check it carefully when cleaning toys. This debris can be soil, dried red saliva of birds, dried seeds, waste. So if you clean the toy without cleaning or removing these, it will not be completely clean.

Check the edges of the toy

Examine the edges of each toy as they are chewed and even broken. If any part of the toy is frayed or cracked, you should discard it. It is important to dispose of damaged toys because they can be harmful to your bird.

Use hot water and soap to clean the toys

Some cleaners are specifically designed for birds. Use these cleaners to clean bird supplies and toys.

Disinfect toys

Use a cleaner designed for birds to disinfect each toy. There are cleaners designed for birds that are very safe for birds. Natural Rampart is one of them, and you can safely use it to clean bird toys.

Give the toys a chance to dry

Allow the toys to dry before replacing them in the cage. But keep in mind that many toys are not safe in the dishwasher. So if your bird plays with such a toy, you will hand wash it.

Clean the cage well

Thoroughly clean the cage before replacing it with bird toys. Thoroughly clean the cage liner and bedding and change if possible. Then clean the bird food and water container thoroughly. Then change the food and water. Some commercial disinfectants are specifically designed for birds; use them to disinfect bird cages.

Reassemble everything in the cage

Take time to wipe the toys and reassemble the cage before placing the birds in the cage. Some birds like to see everything in a certain place. But again, some birds are just as happy as you decorate the cage. Since you know what your bird is like, provide his cage accordingly.

Replace your bird in its clean home

When the birdcage is completely clean, then replace the bird with its clean nest. Although they will never notice that their home is clean, it is good for their health.

Importance of Toys for Pet Birds

Bird toys are important to keep birds happy and excited mentally and physically. A bird needs to be provided with different types of toys so that they do not feel uncomfortable in the cage. Bored birds cannot be emotionally happy, and they become annoying to their owner. Disgusted with themselves, they at one point became physically destructive and slowly became insane. They take out their feathers, shout, chew feathers, and shake their heads repeatedly. Thus, they at one time became emotionally devastated and died. So as the birds grow, the owner should pay more attention. So they need to be provided with toys that are chewable and capable of keeping them busy.

Researchers say that toys are just as important as nutrition for birds. These are important for maintaining the physical and mental health of birds. Because bird toys contribute to their physical and mental well-being, they are important in their lives.

How to make bird toys?

You can easily find household items to make toys for your birds. Paper is very effective in making your pet happy. Hang a few pieces of this paper in the birdcage as it can delight your bird. You can also make a variety of homemade toys with this paper with your art skills.

Also, you can spread the pages of old yellow books or pages of books that you will no longer read in the birdcage.

Frequently Asked Question

What cleaning products are safe for birds?

It’s a commonly known fact that birds are sensitive to chemicals, which is why it’s important to use bird-safe products when cleaning. Here’s a list of some popular brands: Clorox Green Works, Seventh Generation, Lysol EcoLogic Foam Disinfectant Spray. Your local hardware store might also sell safer alternatives such as Odo-Ban or Nature’s Clean. And remember no matter what brand you buy make sure they don’t contain any harsh chemicals (such as ammonia). 

What to use to disinfect bird toys? 

You can use a disinfectant spray to clean the toy and then rinse thoroughly with water. If you would like to be extra cautious, put the bird toy in boiling water for two minutes before rinsing it off under cold running water.

Do not store sprayed toys near food or eatables that could get contaminated by the chemical!

Is Dawn dish soap safe for birds?

Dawn dish soap is safe for birds. It’s not toxic, but it is created using some hazardous materials. So, Try to avoid using dawn dish soap on a bird’s toy.

Should you clean new bird toys?

Yes, you should clean all-new bird toys, bird feeders, bird baths, and toys, especially the ones that are made of plastic or paper, because cleaning them will prevent bacteria from accumulating inside.

Is Vinegar safe for birds?

Vinegar is a very mild antiseptic and cleaning agent. It is generally safe for birds. However, birds that are sensitive to fumes may have adverse effects.

Final Word

It may take some time to clean your bird’s toys and maintain a clean environment, but it can add a few more years to your bird’s life. You now know how to clean bird toys. If you know how important it is to keep bird toys clean, keep your birdcage and toys clean at all times. It will keep your bird physically and mentally happy and stimulated.

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