5 Easy Way how to keep blackbirds away from bird feeder?

I am worried about bully blackbirds and don’t like to invite them on my feeder. So, If you are don’t have any idea why I am telling this, You may mention me as a racist because I am trying to convince you or tell you how you can keep them apart from food access. 

But, The true reality is they dominate our favorite songbirds, take access to their food, and keep them away from the feeder. So, there is nothing much frustrating than a flock of bully birds who are descending on backyard songbirds feeders.

Let’s find a few workable ways to keep blackbirds away from bird feeders and provide a safe feeding station for our favorite wild birds and enjoy their beauty.

Why keep blackbirds away from the feeder?

Generally, Bully birds or blackbirds are aggressive. As well, they like to threaten other birds who are smaller than them.

So, when a smaller bird notices that blackbirds are taking a meal from your feeder, they feel insecure. Birds don’t like to take food when they feel uncomfortable. So, These small birds try to avoid yours and sometimes never come back.

Also, Blackbirds like crows always like to travel with their flocks. So, there is a chance that your feeder will run out of seed or food which you serve for desire birds.

If you want to watch your desire birds, then try to keep these bully birds away and provide a secure feeding station.

How to keep blackbirds away from bird feeder

Select Right Feeder

First of all, You need to select a suitable feeder for your garden or yard to deter them. Different types of feeders are available in the market, allowing you to keep blackbirds away from bird food. Let’s get a quick overview of those feeders.

Hopper Style Feeder: 

These are most popular among backyard bird enthusiasts for their unique design. The hopper-style feeder comes with a larger seed container in the center part of the feeder.

Now the main part, As a hopper-style feeder design for small birds. They come with shortening perches. So, When larger birds are trying to access food, they collapse due to the short perches. 

Upside Down Feeder:

Many birds like woodpeckers as well as songbirds like goldfinches love to hang upside down when feeding. So, Placing this kind of feeder easily attracts your preferable birds. But, Blackbirds don’t like to take their food by hanging upside down.

You can also try feeders, which come with tiny holes feet with only small beaks. When larger birds take seed or food, they can’t adjust their beak with small holes. So, They will avoid your feeder and search for new food sources.

In our opinion, a Droll Yankees YF-M Yankee Flipper from Amazon could be the good choice.

Keep the bird feeding area clean

After providing a perfect feeder, Make sure you clean the area around your bird feeder at least once in weeks or use a seed catcher tray to grab the mess. 

Because when bully birds like pigeons, starlings, blackbirds and doves notice food are dropping on the underneath of the feeder, they surely come with their flocks to taste the food. In case, These bully birds like to eat off the ground. Therefore, Small birds won’t visit your feeder for security purposes.

Shorten feeder perches

This method is applicable for you if you haven’t any plan to buy a new one and already brought a feeder in your garden.

If you want to deter blackbirds from your old bird feeders, the ideal way is to shorten the perches. After shortening the perches, surely blackbirds exit your feeder. Why? Because For shorten perches, blackbirds can’t stand on the feeders and eat seeds. You can use a hacksaw or knife to shorten perches.

Serve the right seeds: What kind of seed do Blackbirds not like?

Always try to provide seeds that blackbirds won’t like. Choosing foods that blackbirds dislike surely keeps them away from feeders. Now you may ask which are their favorite food?  In the following list, you will get your answer.

Blackbirds Like       

  1. Sunflower seeds
  2. Corn 
  3. Bread 
  4. Wheat
  5. Millet

Blackbirds Don’t Like

  1. Nyjer seeds from Amazon
  2. safflower seeds
  3. Suet cake

Change The Feeder Location

Once blackbirds find a food source, they like to visit the place continuously every day, and it’s their natural habits. To Reducing their activities, just keep your feeders empty for two or more weeks. Otherwise, Change your feeder location. 

Therefore, When they find empty feeders continuously and don’t find the feeder for taking food, They will be discouraged to visit your garden or yard. 

But, The bad thing is these tricks only work for limited time frames. For a longer outcome, Just follow these tricks with other tips given in this article. 

Is this a seasonal issue, or do you have blackbirds all year?

It depends on where your resident is. For example, Common grackles are found in the southeast all years around. In addition, You’ll discover grackles in the northeast, eastern, midwest and the great plains in spring or fall.

To learn more about the Blackbirds migration process, check out this article

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