How Do I Keep Birds From Pooping On My Mailbox?

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No one likes to watch birds pooping on their Mailbox. I think you’re also. It’s frustrating and awkward to see birds pooping all over the Mailbox. Also, It’s quite hard to keep birds from the Mailbox if you don’t know the exact way. 

However, Don’t worry! Preventing them from pooping on the Mailbox isn’t hard work. If you know the suitable way, you can easily keep them from pooping in the Mailbox.

So, Follow the below 7 easy ways to keep birds off from Mailbox. The good part is you can easily deter birds just by following 2 or 3 tips from below.

Let’s start!

5 Easy Ways To Keep Birds Off From Pooping On Mailbox

Bird Spikes

It’s the simplest way to keep the bird off a mailbox. If you follow this one, then you don’t need to scroll down to see more tips. Because, After positioning the spikes all around the Mailbox, birds don’t find any way to perch on the Mailbox means no pooping.

But, You need to invest some money to purchase it. You’ll find bird spikes in your local store. In my opinion, you can check this REMIAWY Bird Spikes, which is easy to install in your Mailbox.

Bird Decoys

Birds Decoy

Who isn’t afraid of predators! No one. Yes, the same concept is also accepted for birds. Just you need to install predator bird decoys near the Mailbox or above it. Then, You’ll notice that dramatically the presence of pooping birds reduces. 

So, Bring a hawk, eagle, or owl decoy and place it near the bird decoys. When birds watch the predator bird sit beside your Mailbox, they definitely keep them away from your area. Generally, Owls are most helpful for this purpose.

Holographic Tape

Holographic Tape is another good way to deter birds. These Tapes are also known as “Scare Tape.” Generally, Commercial grade mylar is used for designing those Tapes. They are shiny and highly reflective. Those scare the birds by producing visual disturbance. 

So, When birds notice flashes of reflected sunlight near the Mailbox, they’ll easily be scared of it and keep them away from your Mailbox. But, This method is less effective compared to bird spikes and decoys.

You can use the Gold Silver Reflective Tape near your Mailbox to keep them away.

Introduce Bird Feeders

introduce bird feeders

Do you like to watch birds? If yes, then just introduce bird feeders in your area. You’ll notice that birds will spend more time in the feeder, and your Mailbox will be safe from birds pooping. 

However, You need to notice first which type of bird is often present near your Mailbox. For example, If you find that the peanuts lover bird mostly comes in your area, then place a good quality peanuts feeder.

Pet Cat

cat for deterring birds from a mailbox

This isn’t a recommended way to deter birds from Mailbox. Because, In every year, 1.3-4.0 billion birds are killed by cats (Source:

Cats see birds as a sweet meal; that’s why birds are afraid of cats. If you want to keep birds off from Mailbox, then bring a cat. You’ll notice that the bird’s presence decreased. It’s also bad for you if you have a feeder in your garden or patio. However, For this task, you need a cat that has a hyperactive personality. 

Final Words

I hope now you can easily keep birds off from pooping on Mailbox. Follow the above two or three tips, and you’ll see an outstanding result. In my opinion, Bird spikes and decoys are the best combinations for this task.


  1. OMG for one alot of that is criel to the birds. How about put a cover over the mailbox. God dont like ugly n bn mean to birds is mean!

  2. Used bird spikes on my mailbox and post and also on 3 down spouts where birds build nests every spring. Works like a charm. No it does hurt the birds, it simply forces them to find another place to land to do their business. All my neighbors have poop covered mailboxes and posts.

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