How to keep the area around bird cage clean: 4 Easy Way

Indeed, You have spent lots of quality time with your favorite feather friend. But one thing that makes you upset is that the pretty bird makes too much mess around their cage area, although they have a large cage. Now you want the solution, and that’s why you’re in this article. 

If you don’t want to use a vacuum several times to clean the mess, stay with us. In this article, You’ll find a few best ideas about cleaning the area around the bird cage, which work.

How to keep the area around birdcage clean

Use Seed Guard

Whenever your favorite feather friend flaps wings, surely it will cause messing up their food. You find their seeds dropping on the floor. When your pet friend is a budgie or cockatiel who likes to eat a seed-based diet, providing seed guards is a better option. 

Try to use little mesh netting and place them around the cage to catch the dropped food and mess around their cage to reduce the mess.

In case, If you find the net doesn’t work for you, then try to use a clear, plastic tablecloth or cloth. Surely this time, These will easily grab the annoying little seeds which are floating out of the cage.

Using vinyl carpet protectors below the birdcage is also a good option if you want to protect your carpet or floor. These are easy to sweep or wipe clean. 

You can also use plexiglass sheets if you find your bird friend foods or water flying into walls or drop on the floor. You can find them in the local hardware store or make a custom design from a bird product manufacturer. Then, Place them short-distance from the cage. The good part is the bird won’t chew at it, and sometimes they won’t notice these. 

Another option is using newspapers. You will think, what are you talking about? A Newspaper, seriously! Yes, I am serious. Why do I recommend this? The shortcut answer is these are cheap, and you can change them every day.

If you don’t like to clean much, then this will be an ideal option for you. Because Just use them under the cage, and after using them, throw them in the dustbin. 

Seed Skirts

If you don’t want to place homemade seed guards, you can go to the local store to find seed catchers. These seed skirts are large funnels. You can simply hang or adjust them underneath the cage. 

Food Habit

Watch what he or she eats. Because It directly affects the clean-up. If your bird likes to eat seeds, there is a chance that seeds are drop outside the bowl and the cage. If you like to serve a large quantity of seeds at once, it surely creates a bigger mess.

For reducing messes on the floor, You can offer them fruit like a slice of banana or a blueberry, etc. Also, Always provide the right amount of seeds to your friend to reducing the mess on the floor.

Final Words

If you think that, You can always keep your floor clean as a bird owner. Then it’s won’t possible because of whatever you do. You will find that your favorite friend is making a mess and dropping the food and popping it onto the floor. But, Following the above method, you can reduce this problem ( Not 100%).

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