Are round cages bad for birds?

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Are round cages bad for birds? If you’re a bird lover and connected with bird communities or forums, surely you hear this query. The simple answer is that birds don’t like round cages and are not recommended for most bird species. 

In the following article, We’ll discuss various reasons why round cages are bad for birds.

Awkward for Feather Friends

Why do we provide a cage for birds? Because We want to provide comfortable spaces. But, Our companion birds often feel weird and awkward to inhabit round cages. 

The shape of the cage is the main reason. The bars at the top of a round birdcage are gathered to one point, with space decreasing gradually until it meets. For this, Their beak, toes, and other parts of the body can easily be stuck there. This is dangerous for birds as well as painful too. 

In addition, The round cages are not big enough. When they try to move their feathers, they constantly contact the cage bar, which provides birds a ragged appearance.

As there is no point of reference as corners, Birds will drive themselves, move round and round in the cage and become confused and distressed. That will cause psychological damage to birds.

Here is a dedicated article, where You will find few top-rated bird cages according to different bird species needs and preferences.

Week Construction

Another reason to avoid round cages is that they are mostly poorly constructed. The round cages are flimsy. They have poor welds and shoddy construction. 

On the market, you will have a tough time finding a round cage that is made of stainless steel.

Aren’t Easy To Clean

As like their poor construction, Round cages aren’t easy to maintain and clean. Most round cages are made of mesh, which is difficult to clean, accumulating feces.

Also, the bars are close together, so you’ll have a hard time cleaning them too because there won’t be enough space in between for your hands or tools. 

Round cages don’t provide any corners that allow you to slide something through like a scrubber or cloth without bumping into the corner trying to get inside from another angle.

Food, dust particles, and other stuff are stuck into the cage wiring, which will create a health issue if it’s not cleaned correctly.

Toys and Accessories Aren’t Properly Fit

Like its maintenance and cleaning problem, there isn’t enough room to provide toys and other accessories. 

It’s hard to find better accessories for birds that perfectly fit with round cages because most of the birds’ toys and accessories are made for square or rectangular cages.

You can’t ignore the importance of toys, perches, bowls, and other accessories that are an important part of your favorite companion. These items are necessary and keep your feather friend busy and occupied. But, All those products aren’t feet perfectly as the bars aren’t the same length.

Therefore, Avoiding round cages is good for your pet birds.

What cage is best?

You already know that round cages aren’t perfect for birds. So, Now the question arrives which types of cage are best for birds?

Always try to bring the biggest and larger one for your favorite friends, even if you have only one bird in your house. This will provide more space for the bird, plenty of room to play and spread its wings.

Overall, Select one which will provide them enough comfort to live and play.

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