5 Best toys for parakeets 2022

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Parakeets are very popular and playful birds, especially for their colorful personalities. Although it is small in size, it is very friendly and cute; it is also known as budgerigars or budgies. But you should give them the best toy so that your favorite bird does not get bored or annoyed.

Since parakeet is a social animal, they like to interact and talk with their owner. But unfortunately, bird owners don’t have much time to feed their birds, so birds are often alone. In such a case, parakeet toys are very effective. The best parakeet toys will keep your feather friend healthy and happy through emotional and physical stimulation. But before choosing a toy for your bird, you must make sure that it is safe for him.

So below, we will discuss the best toys for parakeets to help you. With this, we will discuss which bird toys are best for your bird and how to choose them.

Let’s see.

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The top 5 best toys for parakeets: We Recommend

Featherland Paradise Pet Bird Toy

This cheerful and fun toy comes from Featherland Paradise, which is great for parakeets and parrots. The Paradise Toys Popsicle Sticks Chew Toy is perfect for your feathered friend because it can keep him busy for hours and relieve the bird’s apathy.

Featherland Paradise Pet Bird ToyFeatherland Paradise Pet Bird Toy

This ladder-shaped toy is perfect for entertaining your feathered friend because the bird chews and stumbles happily on its sticks. You can hang it in their cage to get the love of your favorite bird.

The moving parts of the toy will relieve your bird of anxiety and give lots of encouragement. Also, the vivid colors of the toy can attract the attention of your bird and keep your bird busy by ensuring different uses. However, clean the toy regularly to avoid any accident from the wreckage.

Highlighted features and details

  • This toy is made for small birds, especially Caciques, Parrots, Conures, Quakers, and other similar birds that they love to chew and gnaw.
  • The birds are safe to chew with, champ and gusto because it is made of wood.
  • The moving part of the toy will keep the bird busy swinging and playing for hours on end.
  • The toy design is made of cotton rope, and you can easily chew and knock on the bottom.
  • The toy comes with a pear link fastener which makes it an easy and fast attachment to the cage.


  • Its design will keep your bird physically and mentally stimulated
  • Keep your bird busy without any annoyance


  • The toy carries a bell that is unsafe for your bird

The super Bird Creations Crinkle Crinkle Little Star Bird Toy

The super Bird Creation gives you a chewed Little Star toy to make your bird happy and entertained. This colorful toy comes with many interesting features that can keep your feathered friend busy for hours.

The super Bird Creations Crinkle Crinkle Little Star Bird ToyThe super Bird Creations Crinkle Crinkle Little Star Bird Toy

This toy also comes with plastic pony beads, a bell, and crinkle shreds that will delight your bird. In addition to these components, the toy comes with an innovative star-like vine design that helps always keep your cute and intelligent bird sharp and alert.

You can give him this toy so that your budgies are not sad and upset. Also, the color and texture of the toy are able to attract the attention of your bird. The toy is a perfect size, and its components keep your bird focused and busy for a long time.

Also, this toy is very effective for the physical and mental stimulation of your feathery friend. Since it is made of natural ingredients, you can safely chew your bird. If you want to keep your bird worry-free and stress-free, hang a toy in its cage. This will make it easier for you to make connections and find love with your feathered friend.

Highlighted features and details

  • It is made of bird-safe material,, so your bird will be able to chew and sting.
  • It is designed with shreddable colored paper that encourages your bird to chew.
  • Keeps your bird’s mind and eyes active because the toy eliminates your bird’s laziness.
  • It comes with a variety of colorful textures that encourage your bird to explore, climb and perch.
  • This toy is a great way to satisfy your bird’s destructive instincts.
  • This toy is made especially for budgies.


  • It comes in different sizes and colors
  • Made with bird-safe material
  • It is reliable and secure
  • This is a price-friendly and USA-assembled parakeet toy


  • This toy comes with a bell that can be unsafe for your bird

KATUMO 4 Pcs Bird Parrot Toys

If you are looking for a chewing toy for your feathered friend, KATUMO 4 Pcs Bird Parrot toys are perfect for you. This toy is completely safe for your bird because it is made with natural ingredients. This toy does not carry any toxic material, but it is designed with natural rattan and colorful paper.

KATUMO 4 Pcs Bird Parrot ToysKATUMO 4 Pcs Bird Parrot Toys

Its colorful and bright papers are able to attract the attention of your bird. The bird is also busy chewing and stinging on these colorful papers, which keep the bird fit and active.

So give this toy as a treat to delight your feathered friend. You can also hang the toy in its cage to make your birdcage look more beautiful and attractive. This will make your bird distracted and focused.

This toy will not only delight your feathered friend but will also satisfy his underlying drives. Keep the bird away from boredom when it chews the toy. The toy will also provide physical and emotional stimulation to your bird, which will keep your bird away from aggressive, depressed, and destructive behavior.

Highlighted features and details

  • The toy comes with an active hook, which you can easily attach to the birdcage.
  • This toy is suitable and ideal for parrots, finches, love birds, Canary, and other medium or small birds.
  • The toy comes with a natural cane and colorful paper that is safe for your bird. So your bird can safely chew it and stumble.
  • The toy’s design provides a fun place for birds to chew, bite, and hide their treats. This keeps your bird mentally and physically active and healthy.


  • Made with natural materials.
  • There are no toxic and unsafe ingredients.
  • It is a perfect toy for all kinds of small birds.
  • It is reliable and cheap in price.
  • It comes with a versatile and secure design.


  • Since it is designed by paper if the destructive paper falls down, remove it

Super Bird SB669 Wicker Foraging Basket Bird Toy

Super Bird Creation gives you another chewing toy, and that is the Wicker Foraging Basket Bird Toy, which is enough to keep your feathered bird happy and healthy. It’s a stimulant device that encourages your feathered friend to chew, bite, pull, and eat.

Super Bird SB669 Wicker Foraging Basket Bird ToySuper Bird SB669 Wicker Foraging Basket Bird Toy

Just as this wonderful stimulus toy makes your bird happy, it also helps your bird improve their physical and mental well-being. This fascinating colorful toy keeps your bird busy and focused. Bird also plays and sways with this toy and remains active through practice.

These fun and stimulating foraging baskets are designed to delight medium-sized birds. This is a perfect wicker Foraging Basket for hanging in a parrot cage. The toy has an array where you can hide treats for your pet bird. And it will make your bird more attentive when it finds, eats, chews, and bites the food.

This toy is completely safe for your feathery friend because it is made of natural materials. The toy comes with colorful wooden popsicle sticks, mini loofas, ice cream spoons to encourage your bird to play with it. The attractive basket also has fingers of paper, a corrugated paper that your feathery friend can chew, bite, and sting. In addition to these elements, the basket carries many more interesting and colorful elements that are able to make your feathered friend happy and active. These ingredients will help keep your bird mentally and physically active by releasing it from being sad and aggressive.

Highlighted features and details

  • Made specifically for medium-size birds. Among these are medium-sized planks, medium-sized cones, quackers, cacti, peonies, senegals, and other birds of similar size.
  • The foraging basket is crafted with a variety of colorful and interesting natural toy parts. It comes with a variety of textures, colors, shapes and creeping sticks, spoons, knitted palm leaves, and other interesting parakeet toys that will keep your bird busy.
  • Makes your bird focused and active by freeing it from monotony.
  • All components of the toy are safe for birds.


  • Made with bird-safe material
  • Ideal for medium-size birds
  • Helps with physical and mental stimulation


  • Carries many types of materials

ICOSHOW 12 Packs Bird Toys Parrot Swing Toys

If you are looking for a durable and safe toy, then the Bird Swing toy is great for your bird. It is made of food-grade ingredients and does not carry any toxins. Also, this toy is bite-resistant, so your bird can safely chew and bite.

ICOSHOW 12 Packs Bird Toys Parrot Swing ToysICOSHOW 12 Packs Bird Toys Parrot Swing Toys

The toy comes with a colorful and bright material that is able to keep your bird focused for hours. It also has colorful bells and chewing toys that will keep your bird busy chewing, playing, and swinging.

The toy will be an ideal place for your bird, especially for swinging, climbing, sports, chewing, forging. This will easily stimulate and improve your bird physically and mentally.

Highlighted features and details

  • The toy offers twelve toy pieces. It has four empty ball bells, two chewed toys, 2 hanging bell toys, 2 bird swing toys, 1 channel perch stand, 1 chain swing toy.
  • It is made of natural ingredients. The toy is made of natural wood coloring bead that is durable, safe, and sanitary.
  • It comes with bright colors that are able to attract the attention of birds. The Bellbird toy will help keep your bird busy.
  • Your birdcage makes it easy to install, allowing your bird to sway, play and chew.


  • Can be easily installed in bird cages
  • Made for small-sized birds
  • It is completely safe as it is made of natural materials
  • It is durable and non-toxic


  • It comes with a bell that can be safe for your bird

How to Pick the Best Toy for Parakeets?

Your parakeet is your favorite pet bird, and you must want to choose the safest and best toy for it. But before choosing the best toy, you must consider a few things. The quality of a toy plays a very important role, especially in texture, size, shape, and color. So before buying a toy, you must consider some necessary points.

Color: Usually, bright colors attract the birds more and make them more noticeable. So before choosing a toy for your feathered friend, make sure it is brightly colored.

Texture: Just as the color of a toy attracts the attention of a bird, so does the texture of a toy. So smooth, cool, warm, tickling, or vibrating sensations of different textures play an important role in stimulating a bird. So before you buy a toy, be sure to check its texture to see if it will catch your bird’s eye.

Size: Before choosing a toy for your budgies, you must consider its size. Because the size of the toy should be adjusted according to the size of your pet bird, if you have a large bird, refrain from taking small toys. Because if your bird eats a piece of a small toy, it will cause respiratory problems. There may be other issues as well, so be sure to consider the size of the toy before choosing one.

Sound: A toy with a sound will catch your bird’s attention. So choose a toy for your bird that sounds musical, fun, noisy, or exciting and manages to keep your bird busy.

Avoid buying parakeet toys that do not make any noise as they are not able to attract the attention of your bird. Noisy bird toys will keep your bird busy for hours on end without any sadness. For this, you can get a disco ball toy. The disco ball toy comes with lighting and sounds.

Different Types of Parakeet Toys

Parakeets are playful pet birds of their nature, so they like to play with all kinds of bird toys. However, there are some toys for parakeets that are their favorite, including cherries, perches, climbing toys, chewy toys, and treat toys.

Because such bird toys mimic their natural habitat, they are never bothered. These bird toys also carry some features that satisfy the innate characteristics of birds. Such toys feed the birds’ instincts and increase their power.

If you find the features mentioned in a parakeet toy, then the toy is perfect for arousing your bird. But before choosing a parakeet toy, one must consider its texture, color, and size.

Parches and swings

Parches double-up is a great toy for entertaining pet birds. Parches are very important for a bird cage, especially for sleeping, playing, and counting. But before choosing parches for your bird, make sure that your bird’s feet fit snugly, and its claws fit.

This will help your parakeet’s claws to wear down. And your bird will have the advantage of chewing and biting parches and swings. When the bird pulls the swing, its excitement will increase.

Climbing toys

Hanging rope or climbing toys can be your bird’s favorite toy because it helps them move. Also, it helps to increase balance and coordination. These parakeet toys are usually shaped like a small jungle gym, which is enough to get your bird’s attention. It gives the bird a variety of sensory experiences. Shaking the bells in the toy and chewing the park make your bird healthy and active. However, before choosing the toy, make sure that it does not contain any toxic ingredients. Then your feathered friend will be able to move and play safely.

Treat toys

Parakeets’ instincts are that they love to chew and bite new toys. Give them a tough task as they need to work a little harder. Then they will be busy with it and never get bored and sad among themselves.


You will be surprised to know that Parakeet likes to play football, especially with their owner. So give your bird a small ball to encourage its activity. This will increase the socialization of your bird and create a good bond with you. So give your bird a small and lightweight ball to cheer it up.

How will the parakeet be attracted to the toy?

Since parakeets are enthusiastic birds, after giving them any kind of toys, they will accept the toys by themselves. However, it is not clear when they will be attracted to the new toy because it can take them hours or even days to be attracted to a toy.
But if you want to delight your feathered friend with a new toy, here are some tips to follow.

  • Put the “treat” on the parakeet toy in a way that is visible and attracts your bird.
  • That’s why you can put nuts, lattice, and other foods in the toy that will attract your bird and draw attention to the toy.
  • If your bird is trained and has a habit of finger climbing, you can easily create an attraction to its toy. Put your finger on the toy for that; then, his fear will go away.
  • Place the toy in front of the cage to create curiosity in your bird and try to play with it. Place the parakeet toy in such a way that your bird can see you. For this, you can spin, batting, or peering with the toy and leave the toy on the floor when you are finished.

This way, you can easily draw your bird’s attention to the toy. And when your bird starts playing with the toy, it will be able to come out of its annoying time.

What ingredients should be avoided for parakeets?

  • Nylon rope: Avoid nylon ropes to protect your bird as these are stiff, which can harm your bird. However, you can choose cotton or jute rope. These are safe for birds.
  • Sharp edge and open link chain: Avoid curved wires or S-shaped wires as they can hurt your bird’s lip or tongue. Before buying the parakeet toy, make sure that all these edges are welded off.
  • Use stainless steel instead to avoid forged or zinc-coated chains.
  • Avoid skin that contains toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and chromium. And make sure the skin is vegetable-tanned.

Parakeet toys safety tips

You need to choose the best toy so that your parakeet can play and move safely. We have mentioned some of the elements that you should avoid when choosing a toy. First of all, make sure that your bird’s toy is a perfect size. Because the size of a bird does not match the size of the toy, your bird can be in danger. Because if your bird has too much toy courage, the bird’s head may get stuck or suffocate. Your bird may also be injured.

Second, clean your birdcage and toys for parakeets once or twice a week to protect them. Since the parakeets are quite enthusiastic and intelligent pet birds, they will be able to separate the toys very quickly. So try to move the broken or broken parts of the toy quickly; otherwise, your bird may be in danger. In these cases, you should not neglect it because it depends on the safety of your bird.

Always try to buy parakeet toys from a reputable manufacturer. Because many claims that their toys are suitable for pet birds, this is not the case. So before buying any toy, you must check this review. Also, make sure that the game materials are safe and suitable for your bird.

How to take care of bird toys ?

If bird toys are not taken care of, they will spoil very quickly. Choose durable toys for only one bird and clean them once a week. Refrain from giving leftover toys to birds.

Final word

All these kinds of information have been given about the best toys for parakeets. Choose a toy for your bird where your bird can take shelter, chew, bite and keep itself busy. The toy cannot only delight your bird but also provide physical and mental stimulation.

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