5 Best bird baths for hummingbirds in 2022

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Water sources always grab birds’ attention quickly. So, A bird bath will be an ideal option to attract them in any yard, and there isn’t any exception for hummingbirds. So, if you want to attract hummingbirds in your yard, then placing the best bird baths for hummingbirds will be a better option. 

In the market, You’ll find various bird birds, but none aren’t perfect for hummingbirds. Don’t worry! After doing in-depth research, I came out with the 5 best hummingbird baths that ensure that you will witness the beauty of plenty of hummingbirds in your yard.

What type of bird baths do hummingbirds like?

Hummingbirds are very demanding when it comes to water sources. Therefore, you need to keep in mind that the bird bath must be clean and simple if you want hummingbirds near your yard or garden.

While many people think that shallow dishes work for these birds better than deep ones, this is not always true because they also love how they can sit on the edge of a deep bird bath and take a sip.

The size of the best hummingbird baths is important too because you don’t want your yard or garden to get crowded with it, right? So make an order by choosing one according to your needs. If you have plenty of space in your yard, then you can buy a large bird bath.

For the best result, place these baths in your garden or yard where it is easy to access by hummingbirds, so they don’t have any problem getting water from them.

5 of the best bird baths for hummingbirds

Here are my five top choices for this year:

Burley Clay Hummingbird Bird Bath Set

Burley clay hummingbird bird bath set is an ideal option for satisfying the adorable little creature and beautiful classic and elegant hand-painted design. Also, Its durability ensures that it will last for a long.

Burley Clay Hummingbird Bird Bath SetBurley Clay Hummingbird Bird Bath Set

This will make your garden heaven for hummers. The Hummingbird bath is a two-piece set that includes the mushroom stem-like base and locking flat bowl. 

It looks like an overturned cap when in use. For this, it is perfect for any space with little to no decoration. Also, This feature makes cleaning super easy for you. 

The bird bath is made of durable, weatherproof clay that will keep your water cool on hot days. However, it’s prone to breaking, so you’ll have to be very careful while assembling or disassembling this thing and moving around with care.


  • Durable made
  • Clay keeps the water cool
  • Easy to clean and setup
  • Hand-painted elegant design
  • The ideal depth for hummingbirds


  • The bowl is not entirely attached to the base as it has small connecting hawks
  • It can be easily damaged
  • Fake advertising

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some users complain about its authentic look, which doesn’t look similar to the advertising photo. Only, The interior of the bowl is glazed to give it an extra shine.

Peaktop Floor Glazed Pot Water Fountain

The mechanism and look are different on this Peaktop Floor Glazer Pot Water Fountain from a typical birdbath. Also, The main purpose of this fountain isn’t to attract birds. But, Surprisingly, it’s the most favorite among the hummingbirds. 

Peaktop Floor Glazed Pot Water FountainPeaktop Floor Glazed Pot Water Fountain

The fountain top is small enough to keep the bully birds away from it. The depth of this little fountain is perfect for attracting hummers, and the sound it makes will soothe your ears. For this, Hummingbirds will get a pleasant environment for the bath.

The fountain is made from fiberglass and polyresin, which makes it lightweight and durable. The high-quality coating provides a durable and long-lasting surface that will not allow moss or fungi to grow on it. But, You may need to repaint it or use it that way if the green coating wears off after a while.

The only thing that disappoints me is that: It doesn’t come with any direct water supply feature. You need to fill it using a small pipe which can take time.


  • Keep large birds away and ideal for hummingbirds
  • Ideal for decorating your garden along with attracting birds
  • A large amount of water capacity ( 2 Gallon)
  • Attractive and bright LED light
  • Easy to clean


  • Doesn’t have a direct water source feature
  • The coating color fades up after some time

Accent Plus Wishing Well Solar Water Fountain

If you’re looking for a solar fountain bird bath for hummers, then Accent Plus Wishing Well Solar Water Fountain will be a great option to attract them to your garden. 

Accent Plus Wishing Well Solar Water FountainAccent Plus Wishing Well Solar Water Fountain

Its gurgling noise can be heard up to 15 feet away, which easily attracts your yard’s hummers. This 25-inch high birdbath looks outstanding for its stone powder and polyresin. 

Want to know the best part? 

The solar fountain will run for quite even on cloudy days. The 15.375-inch wide bowl will be the best bathing place for all kinds of small birds, along with hummingbirds. Birds love to splash around the birdbath under this fountain.

The solar birds’ baths include two tiers of bowls where the water will circulate and fall into. The pump integrated into the bowl allows the water to flow continuously from the bottom bowl to the top bowl in a controlled and smooth manner. 

Besides the solar pump, a high-speed electronic adapter is included with the bath. But, If you live in an extreme weather area, then this solar fountain isn’t an ideal option for you.


  • 2 Gallon water capacity
  • Can operate on solar power and AC
  • Look fantastic at night for the low voltage LED
  • Well design
  • Plenty of space for birds to bathe and have fun
  • Easy to clean


  • No backup option for battery
  • The middle white pipe is very fragile

Viajero Solar Fountain Pump With Battery Backup

Do you already have an existing bird bath and want to add moving water facilities to it? Then, the Viajero Solar Fountain Pump is the best option to throw the fountain pump into, and it will quickly attract hummingbirds.

Viajero Solar Fountain Pump With Battery BackupViajero Solar Fountain Pump With Battery Backup

The good part of the seven inches diameter pump is that it comes with an internal 3000mAh battery. That easily fits with any hummingbird’s bath. Also, with the 4W solar panel, It’ll provide you service the entire day, even in cloudy climate conditions.

Do you know what makes it different from other solar pumps?  The use of industrial-grade PET to construct the panel. These top-quality laminations provide greater dimensional and chemical stability and high tensile strength. 

That means it can withstand any harsh conditions and continue its task. Any unwanted debris covers even 3 or 4 of the panels. 

However, The only downside of this Viajero Solar Fountain Pump is that it takes some time to get used to restarting.


  • Quickly grab a hummingbird to your existing bath
  • Provide better performance on cloudy days
  • Withstands an entire day
  • Good quality solar panels that keep them safe from any external damages
  • Safest auto-shutdown functionality
  • Great value for the money


  • A user might face problems when restarting it and getting used to it

Hanging Hummingbirds Flower Shaped Bird Bath Bowl

Do you want a hummer bird bath that needs lower maintenance and is budget-friendly? If your answer is yes. Then, The flower-shaped hanging bird bath is a good choice for you.

Hanging Hummingbirds Flower Shaped Bird Bath BowlHanging Hummingbirds Flower Shaped Bird Bath Bowl

The birdbath is made with a combination of premium metal deal and high-quality glass. This makes the bath rust-proof and durable. The good part of this feeder is: You can also use it as a bird feeder. 

The hummingbird bath is a simple but effective way to keep your feathered friends happy. It has the perfect depth for them, so you can enjoy watching these little guys drink all day long. But, If large hummingbirds visit your garden or yard, you need to refill it frequently.


  • Attractive design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Best for a small yard
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to clean


  • Water dries up fast

What to look for when buying a birdbath for hummingbirds?

There are a few things that you must consider when buying the best bird baths for hummingbirds. 

Size: You need to look at its size. It should be large enough so hummers can sit on it and take a sip easily without any problem in moving around with their tiny bodies. 

Depth and Width: Check how deep is this birdbath. If it is not deep enough, they won’t be able to go into the water comfortably and may face some difficulty. Make sure that you are buying a bird bath that is wide enough to prevent tipping over from the wind.

Material:  You need to look at its material carefully because if their tiny feet slip on a smooth surface, then they will fall in the water, which can cause serious injuries for them. 

Easy to clean: Look for easy cleaning features because hummingbirds don’t have any problem using dirty water sources, especially if they feel safe in them. So choose one according to your needs and budget as well. Good luck!

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How to attract hummingbirds with bird baths?

Hummingbirds are easy to attract if you know the right tricks. If you want them around your yard or garden, then placing birdbaths will be a better option for that purpose. Here are a few tips to attract hummingbirds with a bird bath. 

Tip 1: ensure that this water source is something they actually like and need in their daily life, so they don’t have any problem using it. 

Tip 2: You need to place your birdbaths so that they are easy for hummingbirds to access because if the source is difficult or dangerous to reach, they may not come frequently enough. 

You can also keep some other sources like flowers and plants around these baths, so hummingbirds have the option of drinking nectar while they are taking a sip from the birdbath too. 

Tip 3: you need to keep your baths clean and fresh for hummingbirds; otherwise, these tiny birds won’t use them because of safety concerns from dirty water sources. 

Tip 4:  If you want plenty of hummingbirds around your yard or garden, then make sure that you are not using any chemical sprays because these poisons can be dangerous for them to consume.

Frequently Asked Question

Do hummingbirds use bird baths?

Hummingbirds use birdbaths as a source of water to drink and bathe in. You can attract them if you know the right tricks that I have mentioned above. Make sure that your bath is clean, fresh and easy for hummingbirds to access without any problem. If it’s difficult or dangerous, then they may not come around frequently.

Final Words

If you want hummingbirds around your yard or garden, choosing the best bird bath is a better option to consider. 

So choose one according to your needs and budget and watch these tiny birds fly around in joy. Good luck!

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