Can I put my bird cage outside?

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A lot of people who own birds ask if they can put their bird Cage outside. The answer to that question entirely depends on what kind of bird you have. 

Birds are very susceptible to colds and avian flu, so leaving them outside is not really a good idea. Readout this complete guide to know which factor you should consider if you want to put your birdcage outside.

What is the best place for pet birds, indoor or outdoor?

The best place for your bird is usually indoors, where it is safe from the colder weather and things that can harm it. However, if you want to take it outside, there are ways to do this safely, so your bird has a great time. 

You can go for walks with your bird in a portable cage or buy one of the large aviaries, so it has more space and gets some fresh air when needed. For this, you can check out the Travel Carrier for Birds.

If you have the right kind of bird, maybe take it out for a few hours at a time. However, you will still need to make sure that you are checking on it regularly.

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6 Factors you should consider when putting birdcage outside

  • What kind of bird do you have?
  • How long will your bird be outside? 
  • What is the weather like – Is it extremely hot or cold?

The above three-question answer can tell you whether you can put your birdcage outside or not. If you have a budgerigar, it will be acceptable to take it out for a few hours, but not in cold weather. 

Some birds can get stressed when being outside for too long, so it might be a bad idea to try and force your bird to stay outside if it does not want to.

There are some factors to take into consideration before deciding whether or not to have your pet bird cage outside:

Your ability to supervise the bird at all times: If there is any chance that other pets or children can get to the bird, it is not a good idea to let your bird out.

The weather conditions in your area: If you live in a climate where there are heavy rains, snow, and winds, it may be better for the bird to remain indoors even when supervised. 

The suitability of your outdoor space for a bird: Make sure that there is nothing that can fall on the cage or anything that might poke through the bars. Ensure that the cage is placed on something stable and not able to tip over easily.

The breed of bird you have: Some birds are better able to weather adverse weather than others. For example, cockatiels do not like rain and will huddle up against the sides of their cages if it is raining outside, making them difficult to clean. In this situation, it may be better to let them stay indoors even when supervised.

Predators: You must also consider the safety of the bird from predators such as dogs and cats. If there is any chance that your bird could come into contact with a predator, it may not be safe to leave their cage outside even when supervised.

Can I put Parrot cage outside?

Yes, you can, as long as it isn’t in direct sunlight. Parrots need to be kept out of the sun just like we do. 

Generally, Parrots should really be left inside, but if you want them outside for a couple of hours so they can enjoy the sun and fresh air, they should be placed in a secure cage with a screen top. You shouldn’t put them on any perch or stand where they could easily fall off and break their neck.

Also, You can put your beloved parrot outside with their cage if you live in a place where the climate is stable all year round. If they become overheated and don’t have access to shade or water, it’ll cause great harm to their health.

Can I put a Cockatiel cage outside?

Yes, Cockatiel loves to stay outside, especially during the summer. The wild cockatiels live in the desert, and their native habitat temperature is around 30-100 degrees Fahrenheit.  

So, Cockatiel cages can be put outside if you live in a hot weather area. They can easily adapt to the conditions. However, in cold weather or heavy wind, You should keep them inside. 

Can I put a Lovebird cage outside?

Yes, You can keep a lovebird’s cage outside year-round if you live in a tropical climate as They can easily adapt to warm climates. But, You need to keep them inside during the heavy rain, snow, or wind.

Final Words

It is possible to have a birdcage inside or outside. However, it would be best if the birdcage was in an area that had plenty of shade and not too much wind. 

These are just some quick tips on whether you should put your birdcage indoors or outdoors. But, Everything depends on which pet bird you have and where you live, and how much time you want to keep them outside. 

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