Can hummingbirds feed from oriole feeders?

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Hummingbirds are a beautiful and joyous addition to any garden. But sometimes, you may find yourself wondering if they can feed on an oriole feeder or not. It is possible to use an oriole feeder for hummingbirds, but they do have some limitations. 

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Difference Between a Hummingbird Feeder and an Oriole Feeder?

Both hummingbirds and orioles like to drink nectar or sugar water. But, Orioles also like to eat fruits and mealworms along with nectar. So, You’ll find differences in their feeders.

There are four differences you’ll witness in those birds feeders.

Port size: Hummingbird’s beaks are smaller than orioles. So, The dedicated hummingbird feeder port size is smaller than oriole feeders. It keeps other birds away from the smaller port size.

Perches: You’ll find more prominent perch in oriole feeders as they like to drink while sitting comfortably. But, You’ll notice fewer and smaller perches in hummingbirds feeders. The reason behind this is hummingbirds like to take a sip when they are on a flight.

Color: Orioles like orange color where hummers like red. So, You’ll notice the color difference for both species’ feeders

Food option: Orioles like to take energy from different food sources. So, When they find all their favorite food menus in one place, they tend to visit there more than other feeders.

So, The common types of orioles feeder are which have several feeding options. For example, You can offer nectar, orange or jelly, and mealworms at the same place.

But, Hummingbirds only like to take nectar from the feeder. So most of the hummers feeder comes with a single food option capacity.

Can hummingbirds feed from oriole feeders?

It is a common misconception that hummingbirds can’t feed on oriole feeders. However, the answer to this question depends on what type of oriole feeder you have. If you have a nectar-filled oriole feeder, then hummingbirds can drink from it.

Hummingbirds and oriole feeders follow the same mechanism to offer nectar. Orioles feeder ports are larger than hummer feeders. So hummingbirds won’t find any problem sipping nectar from the oriole feeders. 

So, Depending on the feeder, It’s quite common to see hummingbirds on oriole feeders. However, if you want to offer nectar for both bird species in one feeder, you can look out at this First Nature 3088 Feeder (Amazon Link), which easily attracts those two bird species in a single feeder.

Can orioles feed on hummingbirds’ feeders?

The answer is no. The main reason behind this is: Hummingbird feeders are generally designed to keep away the larger bird.

Orioles won’t find any way to sip water from the hummers feeder for smaller ports. Also, the Hummingbird feeder’s perch is smaller than orioles’ fit, which makes it harder to take nectar. 

You might also see orioles using a hummers feeder, but it depends on the feeder design. But, Still, they will struggle to reach the sugar water.

Will oriole nectar harm hummingbirds?

The short answer is that there are no negative side effects of offering oriole nectar for hummingbirds. Oriole nectar is generally made up of sugar water which doesn’t impact hummingbirds. 

However, it is important to remember that there are many different types of nectar for both birds that visit feeders in your backyard.

Will orioles keep hummingbirds away?

Though orioles like to raid hummers’ feeders, there hasn’t been enough evidence that they try to keep hummingbirds away. But, Hummingbirds keep their distance from larger birds like an oriole.

Final Words

Do you want to offer nectar for hummingbirds in the orioles feeder? Then, I hope This article has already helped you to know whether they sip from oriole feeders or not. 

However, It is not recommended that hummingbirds be fed by an oriole feeder as they may become aggressive towards others. Try to provide a separate feeder for both of them.

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