How to Keep Chipmunks Out of Bird Feeders And Shepherd Hooks?

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Chipmunks are adorable creatures by nature, but they are also annoying if you invite wild birds into your yard or garden. Why? Because they raid the bird’s feeder and finish their food in a blink of an eye.

So, if you are frustrated about this creature and want to know how to keep chipmunks out of bird feeders, then here I am to provide some valuable tips to keep them away.

How to keep chipmunk out of bird feeders?

Before I start, I want to clearly brief you on one thing: do not follow methods that lead to their health issues or cause their death. The below tips are helpful to keep them away from your yard without harming them.

Clean the beneath of the feeder

Chipmunks are always looking for a new food source as they want to store food in their underground dens for winter. When they find one, they start to go there regularly. So, when bird seeds drop into the ground, chipmunks easily trace the food source and start raiding your favorite feeder.

For this, you need to prevent seeds from falling from the feeder. To reduce the seed mesh, you can use a seed catcher under the feeder or a tray underneath the feeder. You can follow the guide to make a homemade seed catcher.

Use baffle

Using the baffle, you can also keep off chipmunks from shepherd hooks. You can attach a baffle below the bird feeders in shepherd hooks. Generally, there are two types of baffle available: torpedo baffle and wrap-around baffle.

Both are designed to keep out squirrels, but they also provide you with an exceptional result to keep away chipmunks. When they want to claim the shepherd hooks, it will create an obstacle and deny them access to bird food.

You can also use the baffle above the bird feeder to reduce their attack from the trees and high branches.

Here are my recommended 2 favorite baffles to keep them away.

Provide chipmunk Proof Bird Feeder

The easiest way to keep them away is by using a chipmunk proof bird feeder. Several feeders are available, which can easily keep them from seed access. 

Your selected feeder must be chew-proof. If the feeder is made with wood or light plastic, you will notice that they damage the feeder and get access to bird seeds.

You can purchase an adjustable weight feeder which will close the shroud when the chipmunk lands onto the feeder. It will detect their weight and close the shroud.

Plus, you can use a flipper mechanism feeder. This type of feeder provides an excellent ride to chipmunks when they try to access the food without harming them.

You can also use the squirrel-proof feeder as chipmunks are like squirrels’ distant cousins. Below is my favorite 3 best chipmunk proof bird feeders which might help you to keep them away:

Right kind of Pool

If you haven’t tried any pool yet or want to buy a new one, my recommendation will go with a pool that comes with a built-in baffle. Plus, go with a thin metal pool. It makes the task harder for chipmunks. 

You can use the Squirrel Stopper Pole and Baffle Set, which will reduce their presence in your bird feeder. The benefit of the pool is along with keeping the creature away. You can also hang 8 bird feeders in the pool, which will allow you to enjoy the beauty of more birds in one place.

Feeder location

It is relatively easier to prevent chipmunks from your feeders than squirrels. This is because Chipmunks cannot perfectly jump horizontally or vertically very far. Plus, they cannot climb around baffles like squirrels. So, if you place the feeder a little bit far from a jumping place, it will make it more challenging for them to access the feeder.

Provide them a separator food station

If you serve them a separate food source, you will see that dramatically their presence will reduce from wild bird feeders. For this, you can purchase a feeder and fill it with their favorite sunflower seeds and place it under the bird feeders or closer to the feeder. 

They will like to take food from there as well as it will also reduce the presence of similar creatures. However, if you want to keep them away from wild birds, you can relocate the feeder to a particular place.

Use spicy food

If you wisely choose the birds’ food, you easily keep them away from your feeder with minimum protection. For example, sunflower seeds are most popular among chipmunks. So, you should avoid offering sunflowers seeds if chipmunks raid your feeder frequently.

Instead, you can use nyjer and safflower. Those seeds have a bitter taste. First, they will take a sip. Then, after realizing its real taste, they will keep them from your feeder. However, it will not affect birds as nyjer and safflower are top choices.

Plus, any spicy food can keep them away from bird feeders but attract birds more and more. You can use Cole’s HM20 Hot Meats Bird Seed, which is most popular among birds but chipmunks hate it.

Use trap

Your intention should be to trap them and safely release them from your area. There are several chipmunks traps available in the market which can tempt them.

You need delicious food in the trap case as sunflower seeds. It will surely grab the attention of those curious creatures, and you will find one in the case. 

However, do not try this method until their presence is intolerable. Because their babies might be waiting for her when you relocate them to a new place, so, do not be too rude.

Frequently Asked Question

Can a chipmunk climb a metal pole?

Chipmunks cannot easily climb in a metal pole as those poles have less traction. But, if you use a wooden post, the chipmunk can easily climb through it.

Do chipmunks scare birds away?

The small birds feel insecure when they see that other creatures also take food from their feeding station. So, when birds notice that chipmunks also take food from their feeder, they will feel insecure going to the feeder and avoid visiting your yard.

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