11 Best Window Bird Feeders for 2022

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Window bird feeders are a great way to enjoy the company of birds while remaining indoors. You’ll be able to get a good look at these winged creatures and watch their feeding habits with ease as you sit on your comfortable chair without disturbing them. Kids or pets will love being inches away from these flying beauties!

You’ll get an overview of the 11 best window bird feeders and a complete buying guide following this article.

Editor’s Choice

Nature's Hangout Clear Window Bird Feeder

Overall best

Nature’s Hangout Feeder

Nature Gear Window Bird Feeder

Squirrel Proof

Nature Window Feeder

Perky-Pet 217 Window Mount Plastic Hummingbird Feeder

For hummingbirds

Perky-Pet Feeder

Do window bird feeders work?

Yes, window bird feeders work. They are a great way to provide food for adorable wild birds and watch them fly by your window. However, they should be used as supplementary food rather than the primary source of their diet because they can get some nutrition from insects found in the area.

Let’s jump into the review of the best bird-window feeders.

11 best window bird feeders reviews

Nature’s Hangout Window Bird Feeder

If you consider quality over anything, this feeder best choice for you. Measuring size, Nature’s Hangout Window Bird Feeder is large enough to feed several birds at once and the overall best choice as a window feeder.

Nature's Hangout Window Bird FeederNature's Hangout Window Bird Feeder

You can get ultimate visibility for its high transparency acrylic. So, you can watch the beauty of local bird species and the beautiful markings of each bird.

It has a removable tray to easily remove the tray and discard any debris and old seeds. This feeder also has drain holes in the tray so the seed can dry out.

Suction cups are always a headache for window feeders. But, This bird feeder will never fall even squirrels sit on it. The suction cup holds up like a superhero. If the feeders get old, it has a replaceable feature so you can replace them easily.

However, You need to place it higher from the ground because the container is open. So, It has the possibility of attack by raccoons and cats.


  • Suitable to use all-weather condition
  • Good seed receptivity
  • Easily attract the birds
  • High-quality suction cups
  • Easy to clean


  • Raccoons or pets easily get a chance to enter the container.

Nature Gear Window Bird Feeder

Many people like to share bird food with squirrels along with birds. If you are different from that type of person, you can choose the Nature Gear Window Bird Feeder. Also, you need to decide a better place to set it, like high up on a window away from any trees and bushes to keep away squirrels.

Nature Gear Window Bird FeederNature Gear Window Bird Feeder

The bird feeder comes with the best glass suction cups, keeping the bird feeders in the right position.

Premium crystal clear acrylic is used to make this feeder so you can enjoy beautiful birds’ unique beaks, plumage, or the color of their eyes near you. You can’t find any obstacle to watch them.

Also, You do not need to worry about cleaning. Simply unhook the acrylic housing from the suction cups for cleaning. You can also remove the seeds tray easily and clean it. I like to provide everything using one tool. But this nature gear lacks a water tray.

Overall, As a durable feeder that will attract plenty of birds to your window.


  • Squirrels proofs
  • Easy to clean
  • open back facing glass window provides the best view
  • Premium and durable acrylic
  • Weatherproof Design


  • The water tray is missing

Wild Birds of Joy Window Bird Feeder

If you consider the feeder price and quality, Wild Birds of Joy Window Bird Feeder is the best choice for you. It comes with around 11 dollars and has all features you need as a window feeder. It’s small but attracts all kinds of birds.

Wild Birds of Joy Window Bird FeederWild Birds of Joy Window Bird Feeder

Clear transparent acrylic makes bird watching perfect from your living room. Also, the quality and design are far superior.

You will be very pleased with the strong suction. After purchase, you just put it up, and it looks cute on your window filled with seeds. Also, It will attract some of the backyard squirrels so that your pets or kids can get a better view of them. It can survive all weather conditions. Also easy enough to refill and clean.

There is a drawback in this feeder: If your window doesn’t have a better cover, the seed gets wet when it rains.


  • Clear acrylic transparent construction
  • 100% refundable
  • Suctioned is quite good
  • Weather resistance
  • Easy to clean


  • The seed gets wet when it rains

Nature Gear XL Window Bird Feeder

If you worry that rain can spoil the seeds, you can try this feeder. You can also enjoy bird feeding when it rains because it has an extended roof covering seeds from the rain. Obstacles will not build up between the window and the feeder because of acrylic material.

Nature Gear XL Window Bird FeederNature Gear XL Window Bird Feeder

It comes with 4 cups of seeds tray, So you don’t need to worry about feeding more birds at once. Also, four suction cups keep the bird feeders stable. The seed tray features a dual compartment tray and drains water to keep seeds dry. 

The feeder has some drain holes. As a result, moisture doesn’t build up on the feeder. For refile seeds, You don’t need to remove the whole feeder. Instead, you can refile them by removing the sliding feed tray.


  • Extended roof
  • Easy to refile seed
  • Several suction cups
  • Keep seeds wet free
  • Weatherproof


  • The suction tray will lose grip

Birdscapes Clear Window Feeder

Birdscapes clear window feeder 348 is best to watch only colorful small birds. This feeder is capable of holding only 1 cup of seeds. So you don’t need to worry about big birds. They even do not adjust themselves to this feeder.

Birdscapes Clear Window FeederBirdscapes Clear Window Feeder

This feeder is designed like a traditional birdhouse, so it attracts more colorful birds. The good part is its squirrel-proof feature. A squirrel cannot release its full weight due to its size and weight capacity.

It’s made of shatterproof plastic, and the crystal clear design helps you watch up close without making any obstacles. However, It is a bit hard to clean because you need to remove the whole feeder to clean it.



  • Hard to clean

Perky-Pet Window Mount Hummingbird Feeder

Do you like to watch hummingbirds right from your couch without blocking your glass window, then Perky-Pet Window Mount Hummingbird Feeder is a perfect choice. It is held on average 8 ounces of nectar.

Perky-Pet Window Mount Hummingbird FeederPerky-Pet Window Mount Hummingbird Feeder

By attaching this feeder to the window with suction cups, you can enjoy closer and more hummer sightings and watch hummingbirds sipping nectar and buzzing.

A transparent plastic reservoir, and bright red base, capture hummingbirds’ attention ( Red attracts the hummingbirds).

The bright color and realistic three hollyhock-inspired ports are soft and flexible for a natural feel shape, and ports are perfect for attracting hummers. The flower shape ports are also helping keep out bees.

You can also easily separate the base, bottle, and lid to make it easy when you try to clean it.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy setup
  • Quicker nectar drips release


  • Less feeding port

Entirely Zen Superior Window Bird Feeder

The Entirely Zen Superior comes with four suction cup mount for increased stability. So, It will not drop down even with many birds feasting at a time. For its durability, you can also use this as a Squirrel Feeder.

Entirely Zen Superior Window Bird FeederEntirely Zen Superior Window Bird Feeder

This Suction Cup Bird Feeder is so clear, so it allows you a close view of birds without any obstacles.

Compare to other window feeders, It can hold more seeds because of the easy-lift removal tray and keeps seeds in place.

Also, Raised Drainage hole system prevents wet seeds. So, Birds will find the fresh, dry seed that keeps those beautiful birds on the feeder.

You can also attract different kinds of beautiful birds by serving different seed types on two seed trays.

This lightweight, durable bird feeder has an easy install and clean process.

It has included the product like two extra replacement hooks with an extra replacement suction cup. Also, you can find two downloadable color illustrated eBooks.


  • Easy-lift removable seed tray
  • Easy to install
  • Keeps seed wet
  • Find gifts with the bird feeders


  • The mirror film is too big

Tranquil Outdoors Large Acrylic Window Bird Feeder

If lots of birds in your local area, It is better to choose a large feeder. For this, Tranquil outdoors is one of the best options. 

Tranquil Outdoors Large Acrylic Window Bird FeederTranquil Outdoors Large Acrylic Window Bird Feeder

Tranquil Outdoors Large Acrylic is pretty well built gives you a crystal clear view to enjoy the birds. You don’t need to worry about the feeder falling off because it comes with three healthy window clings.

The suction cups with a hook helps to attach the feeder. Same time It gives you advantages and disadvantages.

The good thing is that when you enjoy the beautiful birds, the suction cups won’t block your view. So it helps you to take great pictures of the birds.

However, The suction cups are steady, but the hook is the cause of swaying to the feeder. It doesn’t affect the birds, but when more giant birds land, it will cause issues on your glass windows.

If you remove the hook and attach the feeder with suction cups, it doesn’t create any problems.


  • Pretty well built
  • Bigger size to hold many birds


  • Hook cause of swing

LANSCOERY Clear Acrylic Window Bird Feeder

LANSCOERY Clear Acrylic bird feeder is made of durable transparent acrylic material so you can enjoy and appreciate the beauty of local birds. You can also use this for long periods.

I like it most because you can choose the feeder’s size and other design features you are looking for.

LANSCOERY Clear Acrylic Window Bird FeederLANSCOERY Clear Acrylic Window Bird Feeder

It comes with three suction cups that help keep the feeder stable even won’t fall from the rain or the wind.

However, The tray and bottom of the feeder have holes, so any water that gets in it doesn’t make the seeds all moldy.


  • Powerful suction cup
  • Durable
  • All-weather design


  • The tray and bottom of the feeder have holes

Roamwild Beautiful Arch Window Wild Bird Feeder

Excellent in all regards and one of the best squirrel-proof bird feeders, when you talk about quality and performance, everything you find in this Droll Yankee flipper feeder. This squirrel-proof bird feeder also gives you maximum guarantee to keep away squirrels from your birds’ seeds and provides the best birding experience.

Roamwild Beautiful Arch Window Wild Bird FeederRoamwild Beautiful Arch Window Wild Bird Feeder

Roamwild Beautiful Arch Window Wild Bird Feeder made with 100% crystal clear ultra-strong polycarbonate plastic provides a crystal clear view of local or wild birds close to your eyes.

The feeder won’t fall in different weather conditions because of its ultra-strong unique spring-loaded dual suction. Also, Its built-in window protector helps to prevent falling the feeder.

This feeder keeps the seeds fresh for a long time and is capable of 4 LBS seeds. Also, The multiple perches allow you to feedlot of birds at once.

The good thing about this feeder is you can open the lid and pour seed. Also, You can easily apart it for easy cleaning and rinsing.


  • unique spring dual suction cup
  • Enough capacity for refill seeds
  • Perfect for all-weather condition
  • Multiple perches


  • Suction cups need a significant redesign.

Suction Window Bird Feeder

If you want to keep the birds for a long time on your feeder, It is the best choice for you. It comes with three individual feeding sections that provide the best experience for the birds. 

Suction Window Bird FeederSuction Window Bird Feeder

High-quality transparent ABS ( thermoplastic polymer ) is used to make this window feeder that makes it durable and easy to enjoy the beautiful birds.

Measuring its size, satisfying multiple birds feeding at the same time. You can make a small birdbath or water feeding section that keeps the bird a long time.

At the bottom, drain holes have been opened to prevent seeds from becoming wet and plenty of moisture to seep out.

The removable tray helps you to clean it easily and quickly. So, just put out the tray, remove all kinds of debris and old seeds, and finally fill with fresh seeds and water.


  • Separated Trays Including Water Tray
  • High-quality transparent ABS
  • Large bird feeder

Guide to Choose Best Window Bird Feeder

Before buying a window feeder, You need to consider a few features of bird feeders to find the best experience. Let’s find out which element needs to think before buying the feeder.

Feeder Type: You need first to choose which type of feeder you want. The majority of window feeders have standard seeds feeders with a try.

There are three types of feeders available in the market.

  • Outside Window Mount: These are the standard type of feeders. This feeder directly connects with suction cups or Velcro, and the cling is directly attached to the window’s outside.
  • Hanging Feeders: You can use this hanging feeder in any place where you want. If you’re going to use this as a feeder, you can use a hanger or hook that sticks to a window.
  • Solarium Feeders: That type of feeder rest on a windowsill or protrude into the house.

If you wanted to purchase solarium-type feeders, you need to know that you can’t open your window after setting it. For this reason, First, determine whether you are comfortable having a window closed.

However, You can also find different bird feeders, like window hummingbird feeders, where you can discover reservoirs quickly with hummingbird nectar.

Kinds Of Birds: Before purchasing the feeder, You need to decide what kind of bird you want to attract. For example, Suppose you want to attract a cardinal bird. In that case, you need to set a bigger feeder, where a hummingbird will require a smaller feeder.

Size and Capacity: Size is a crucial factor in buying bird feeders. The overall dimensions of a best window bird feeder are around 6 to 12 inches. However, Birds like hummingbird needs smaller feeder.

Also, Remember the placement. Yes, window. But you need to measure the size of your window. So, Check the feeder will fit on your window before buying.

A few window feeders come with either their seed or nectar capacities in ounces, giving you the best idea when you need to refill it.

Clarity: Ask yourself why you want to buy a window feeder? Because you want to enjoy the natural beauty of birds. So, Clarity is a significant factor need to consider before purchase.

To improve the clarity choice, crystal clear acrylic or with hanging or cut-out design. That type of feeder provides the best experience.

Fixtures: Generally, suction cups are used to attach the feeder with a window. If the suction cups are well, It gives you the best experience. However, the Cheap quality suction cups will ruin your enjoyment. So, Give better attention to suction cups.

Weatherproof: It is also one of the main factors to consider. It would be best if you chose a feeder which survives different weather conditions. If your window is wet easily when it rains, choose a feeder with a roof to protect the seeds.

Window Feeder Installation Tips

First, start with cleaning the window and suction cups. It’s essential to use a glass cleaner to wipe down the window surface. Also, give a close look at Suction cups that don’t stick to dirt.

Install the feeder on a warm window. If you want to put it up in cold weather, it is a wish to put it during the warmest part of the day. Also, try to use a hairdryer to warm the window because Warm glass helps to stick more firmly than cold weather.

Before hanging, use a little bit of oil on the inside of the suction cup. Though oil makes your glass look Grimmy, it is worth it when the feeder stands firm throughout any storm.

Your window feeders will stick to your window all season by Following these tips.

Needs to Avoid When Installing a Window Feeder

  • Make sure that your feeder position isn’t much closer to your window. It is better to install the feeder 3-ft away from the window to avoids collisions that can harm birds.
  • Use a baffle above the feeder to deter pests.
  • Avoid a spot where experience the strongest winds to minimize swaying.

How to attract birds to a window feeder?

When you’re new to bird-watching, It is quite a hard job to attract birds to the feeder. So here are a few super pro tips on how you can attract birds to window feeders.

  • Install your feeder where bees, cats, and squirrels less visit. Because Wild bird avoids mixing with other animals.
  • Regularly replace the supply of seeds, nectar, or mealworms to attract birds, keep them coming back for more, and give you a chance to watch more.
  • If you manage a birdbath next to your feeder, the feeder can attract birds to your location and window.
  • Try to provide edible seeds, like high-quality seed mix as sunflower seeds. Also, provide food on the tray which kind of are favorite according to your local area.
  • Sprinkle some seed on the ground near your feeder to attract them because birds usually try to find food on the ground. If the feeder has a roof, also sprinkle few seeds on it. Plus, you can use a ground feeder near the window feeder which will easily attract birds.
  • If you already install a feeder on your window, remove them for few weeks to attract the birds to the new one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How often should I clean the window bird feeder?

If your window feeder successfully attracts the wild birds or local birds, It is a wish to clean the feeder twice a month because Large flocks of birds mean lots of birds waste. When you wash the feeder, first dry the feeder before setup.

Are window feeders safe for birds?

The answer is “YES” window bird feeders are safe for birds. Before declaring safe, you need to consider a few things like replenishing the seed and water supply day by day. Also, cleaning must prevent diseases such as psittacosis, bird flu, Aspergillosis, salmonella, and Lyme disease.

Should window bird feeders be in the sun or shade?

Birds like to feed in the sun, so it’s recommended to place the feeder in a sunny spot. However, the sun can damage or spoil hummingbird nectar more quickly. It is better to put a hummingbird feeder on the shaded area.

How far be a bird feeder from a window?

Place the window feeder within three feet from the nearest windows because it provides birds enough space, and birds won’t hurt themselves when liftoff.

Which window bird feeder attracts most birds?

It is very difficult to say which window bird feeder attracts the most birds because there are so many different types of bird feeders available. However, hopper bird feeders attract birds the most.

How to squirrel-proof a window bird feeder?

The best way is to position the feeder around halfway up a window, so squirrels can’t climb there. Also, don’t set the feeder near the tree because tree squirrels can jump into the feeder and ruin the seeds. Select Smooth glass feeder, which makes it impossible to climb due to grip.

What are the best window bird feeder brands?

There are several good feeder brands for birds on the market, such as Nature Gear, Nature Anywhere, Droll Yankees, Perky-Pet, Nature’s Hangout, and Gray Bunny. Those all provide good quality window bird feeders.

Final Words

Finding the best window bird feeders is a tricky task when there are a dozen brands available on the market.  However, If you know your needs, then you easily spot your desired bird feeders.

Always remember before purchasing a feeder, focus on bird comforts. You will enjoy the most beautiful and colorful birds on your window feeder, which gives you or your child or pets ultimate pleasure.

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