How To Make A Wooden Bird Feeder Pole?

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You want to attract birds in your backyard and want to watch them from your kitchen, patio, or deck. But, sometimes you will not find a perfect place to hang them for a better view. 

And that time, you will realize the importance of bird feeder poles. It allows you to locate the feeder anywhere you want. Also, the feeder pole helps to keep squirrels away from a bird feeder.

Though you will get several feeder poles in the market that fulfill your need, we will not discuss this topic now. In the guide, you will easily know how to make a wooden bird feeder pole.

How to make a wooden bird feeder pole?

Follow the below guide to building a wooden feeder pole:

Equipment you need:

  • A pressure-treated 4×4 inch wooden post
  • 2×4 inch pressure-treated board 8 feet long
  • Aluminum flashing (optional)
  • Eye screws (Amazon link) 
  • Nails (optional)

Build process:

Step 1: First, you need to take the 4×4 inch wooden post and cut it according to your preferred height. Also, cut the board in half widthwise.

Step 2: After cutting them properly, you need to attach them. Now, you need to screw the 2×4 inch boards to the top of the post. You should place the boards on top of the post in a cross shape. And those will use to hang the feeder.

Step 3: Now, you need to attach eye screws to the end of each part board. The eye screws will hold the feeder in place. So, you need to overcheck it. In this way, you can hang around four feeders at a time, which means chances of watching lots of songbirds.

Step 4: Now, the final part. You need to put the post into the ground. For this, you have two options. First, you can dig at least 2 feet hole in the ground and put the wooden post into the ground. Secondly, you can use a post holder. 

Bonus step:   To provide a better look and keep some unwanted creatures away, you can attach aluminum flashing to the wooden pole using wood nails.

Where should you place the wooden bird feeder pole?

When you are planning to place a wooden bird feeder pole, you need to consider answering two questions. And they are whether you can watch birds from your desired sitting location or not and whether they have maintained enough distance from tree and window. The proper distance helps to keep squirrels away from feeders.

You can put the bird feeder pole in your selected palace if the answer is yes. Otherwise, select a newer location. 

Final words

Bird feeder poles are a good way to hang a bird feeder anywhere you want. You will find different types of bird feeder poles. Among them, the wooden-made pole is so common. The good thing is you can easily make a pole using wood if you have simple DIY knowledge. And how can you do it? Yes, I hope you already know it from the above guide.

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