Hang A Bird Feeder From A Tree Branch?

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You want to attract birds to your yard to watch their beauty. But, if you do not select a proper place to hang the feeder, you will miss the opportunity to watch their beauty. There are many options available for hanging bird feeders. Among them, hanging a bird feeder from a tree branch is an easy way. 

In the article, we round up a few ideas and step-by-step guides that help you learn how you can easily bird feeder from a tree branch.

Can you hang a bird feeder from a tree?

Of course, you can hang a bird feeder from a tree. This is because most of the bird feeders are designed to be hung. Also, it is one of the perfect locations for attracting birds.

What should you consider when installing a bird feeder in a tree branch?

Whenever you want to decide on a place to hang a feeder, you need to consider two main things. Whether the location is safe for birds, you can see it from your house, porch, or sitting place. 

So, when you want to add a bird feeder to a tree branch, you need to keep the two things in mind. If the two conditions are fulfilled, you can hang the feeder on the tree branch. 

Benefits of hanging a bird feeder from a tree branch?

You can find several benefits to hanging bird feeders in tree branches. Few are listed below:

  • You need to place a feeder in a non-windy area. Otherwise, it will blow easily and cause seed wastage. But, if you hang a bird feeder on a tree branch, it can lower the wind power and keep birds’ food safe. Also, if you live in such a climate area where winds are so common, tree branches will be perfect.
  • Seed, suet, nectar, or other types of bird feed can easily spoil if you do not care about the feeder properly. And, the speed of spoiling those birds’ feed increases when you place the bird feeder beneath direct sunlight. A shaded area is a perfect place to hang a feeder to reduce food spoiling. And feeders will get such position under the tree or tree branches. 
  • Birds get more confidence to feed near shrubs, trees, or bushes which means the chance of more birds being present. 
  • If you want to place bird feeders in an open place, you need to purchase a bird feeder pole, but you can do it without any cost in a tree branch.

How to hang a bird feeder from a tree branch?

You can follow several methods to hanging a bird feeder from a tree branch. Among them, a few easy techniques are listed below:

Using Hooks

Step 1:  First, you need to decide the location and the tree branch where you want to hang bird feeders. The branch should be sturdy to hold the bird feeder’s weight, and if the branch is towards the trunk, it will be better.

Step 2: Now, select the S-shaped hooks which can handle the bird feeder. Your bird feeder might come with an attached hook, but it is not ideal for hanging in tree branches. So, a large S-shaped with a deeper curved hook will be a better option. It will make the bird feeder more secure.

Step 3: You need to arrange a solid cord to hold the feeder if the tree branch is located higher. You should use chain, rope, jute twine, or other durable materials. However, do not use a material like anything spring or elastic.

Step 4: Now, put the hook on the tree branch. It is ready for hanging the feeder. Now attach the feeder hanger or cord with the hook. Now, watch the beauty of little songbirds.

Tree pulley

Now, the question arrives if the tree branch is located tree branches should you follow the above method? Yes, you can follow it. Also, you need to climb the tree whenever it is time to refill the feeder. To get rid of such condition, here come the tree pulley method. 

You can hang the feeder without climbing the tree by following the method. So, follow the below step by step guide to hanging the feeder with a tree branch:

Step 1: You need to use a ladder to hang the feeder the first time. Take a ladder high enough that easily reach your selected tree branch. Also, for safety issues, ask anyone to hold the ladder.

Step 2: You can skip the step if your bird feeder comes with a hook. However, if your bird feeder does not come with your hook, you need to make one. If your bird feeder comes with a loop, create a smaller loop by clamping the loop together. It makes it more secure. You can also use an eye hook instead of a loop.

Step 3: Hold up the feeder to test it when you are done making the loop or attaching the hook. Now, move it around a little bit and ensure it stays connected with the bird feeder.

Step 4: You need to climb the ladder with a metal chain and pulley. Bind the metal chain with the tree branches and attach its chain to the pulley.

You can use a rope or S-shaped hook or rope instead of a metal chain. But, a metal chain is recommended as you are going to attach it fairly thick and secure branch.

Step 5: Take a long rope that is sturdy enough and long enough to reach the ground. You need to place one side of the rope between the pulley. Now, you need to put down the strings. If you’ve done it correctly, both sides of the cord should be hanging toward the ground.

Step 6: Now, you need to attach one side of the rope to the feeder. Tie the rope with the hook, or if your feeder has a loop, pass the rope through the loop and tie it securely.

Step 7: Now, get down from the ladder and pull another side rope. It will take the feeder above and bind the rope with the tree. You can also pound a stake into the ground to tie the rope.

Your bird feeder is perfectly hanging and ready to attract birds. When the birds empty the feeder, you need to untie the rope, and the feeder will come below, and you refill it and shift it near the tree branch using the pulley.

Get a handy visual instruction:

Final Words

You can hang your bird feeder in several locations, but one of the best places is in the tree branch. But, many birdwatchers find it hard to hang a bird feeder in there. For this, I hope our today’s guide will help you in this regard. 

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