Can Parakeets Eat Wild Bird food?

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Owning a parakeet means taking responsibility for the bird along with getting so much pleasure and enjoyment. You should always consider its comfort and provide the best diet for it. 

So, many parakeets owner want to offer wild bird food as those have rich nutrition value but are confused about whether it is suitable for the parakeet or not. The article will help you know it is good to feed parakeets wild bird food. 

Can parakeets eat wild bird food?

As you are the only sole food source provider of your pet bird, you should consider and provide the right nutritional balance. If you want to provide various wild food such as seeds, nuts, and other foods, you can do it as long as the food does not belong any toxic ingredients.

So, you can feed your parakeet wild bird food as long it is non-toxic. But, it should not be their regular or daily supplement. The wild bird seeds can not meet your parakeet’s nutritional balance requirements as they are completely dependent on you.

Plus, wild bird food contains too much fat which will cause your favorite budgies are overweight. This will tempt them more, and they will neglect to take their nutrition food pellets and prefer wild bird mix.

To sum up, you can provide a wild birdseed mix of food for your parakeets without any hesitation, only occasionally. 

What is the right amount of food distribution for parakeets?

Pellets should be the primary food source of your parakeets as they come with a nutritionally balanced diet. The food source provides the right vitamins and minerals to your parakeets.

You can maintain the below food source:

Pellets or a mix with seeds75% or more
TreatsOnce a month.
WaterIt Depends and tries to change gradually.
LegumesNot more than 10%

What other bird food can parakeets eat?

You should consider pellets which can cover their daily diet’s 75% to 80%. For this, you can use the Parakeet Pellets ( Amazon link).

Here is some other food you can provide your pet birds along with pellets:




Leafy vegetablesZucchiniBeets
CeleryCooked BeansZucchini
AsparagusSmall amounts of cabbage


Millet seedsCuttleboneBarley
Sunflower seedsAmaranthOats
Canary seedsBuckwheatRye

Can I feed my parakeet sunflower seeds?

Sunflower seeds do not contain any toxic ingredients. Also, they can be excellent healthy and safe snacks for your favorite parakeet. But also, sunflower seeds contain fat. So, it is better to use sunflower seeds occasionally and not include them in the daily food diet.

Can parakeets eat meat?

Though it does not have any issue to feed meat to parakeets, you should avoid feeding meat to them. The reason is that if the bird already takes protein, eating meat will cause health issues. 

Can parakeets have peanut butter?

Just like sunflower seeds, you can feed peanut butter to your parakeet as an occasional treat. The reason is the same. Peanut butter contains fat and calories.

Final Words

You always need to think about your pet bird food diet to keep them happy and healthier. The article would help you know about parakeet common food diet and some common queries regarding parakeets food.

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