Best Bird Books For Preschool Kids In 2022

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Do you want to teach your preschool child about birds? Then the easiest and simplest way is to introduce a book that comes with many pictures of birds and makes them more curious to learn about them.

For this, I have come up with some best bird books for preschool which will entertain your child and increase their curiosity to learn more about the adorable birds. 

9 Best bird books for preschool

Mama Built a Little Nest

Mama Built a Little NestMama Built a Little Nest

AuthorJennifer Ward  (Author), Steve Jenkins (Illustrator)
Reading age4-8 years
Grade levelPreschool – 3

Some good things about the book:

  • The preschoolers can learn and think about different kinds of bird nests around them.
  • Kids can learn how different birds mamas, and papas build their nests.
  • Small paragraphs on each page provide more information about the birds.



AuthorKevin Henkes  (Author), Laura Dronzek (Illustrator)
Reading age4 – 8 years

Some good things about the book:

  • The writers describe everything in a creative and educational way. 
  • After finishing the book, kids can gain the ability to answer some questions regarding birds as the writers ask some questions in an entertaining way.
  • Preschoolers can identify the color of birds and match bird photos to their names. 
  • Preschoolers can learn some exciting topics like what birds do when it rains. 

A Nest Is Noisy

a nest is noisya nest is noisy

AuthorDianna Hutts Aston  (Author), Sylvia Long  (Illustrator)
Reading age4 – 8 years

Some good things about the book:

  • Kids will enjoy the great facts and beautifully written words.
  • Beautiful artwork.
  • Preschoolers can learn about a lot of nests along with so many interesting facts.

The Best Nest

the best nestthe best nest

AuthorP.D. Eastman
Reading age3 – 7 years

Some good things about the book:

  • The book provides kids with a timeless story with outstanding illustrations.
  •  Great read-aloud story for younger children. The story can attract the kids, and they will want to hear it over and over.
  • The book describes some harsh realities of nature, like how some cats eat birds. You can gently teach them such things in a gentle manner.

Birds, Nests & Eggs (Take Along Guides)

birds nests and eggsbirds nests and eggs

AuthorMel Boring
Reading age5 – 10 years

Some good things about the book:

  • Preschoolers can learn about 15 common birds in an informative and fun way.
  • Plus, kids can learn how birds build their homes.
  •  The book includes some simple bird-watching projects.
  • It is a perfect edition for a homeschool library.

About Birds: A Guide for Children

about birds a guide for childrenabout birds a guide for children

AuthorCathryn Sill (Author), John Sill (Illustrator)
Reading age3 – 8 years

Some good things about the book:

  • Beautiful illustrations accompany the simple and clear text.
  • The book will attract kids and increase their curiosity to learn more about birds.
  • Preschoolers can learn more facts about the birds in the back pages.

Feathers for Lunch

feathers for lunchfeathers for lunch

AuthorLois Ehlert
Reading ageBaby – 3 years

Some good things about the book:

  • Wonderful storytelling and guide for bird watching.
  • Children can learn how to start a home bird-watching project.
  • The illustrations in this book are marvelous, and it features a variety of birds.
  • Birds’ pictures are painted in true-to-life size.

Hooray for Birds!

hooray for birdshooray for birds

AuthorLucy Cousins
Reading age2 – 5 years

Some good things about the book:

  • Wonderful bird book full of fun bird rhymes.
  • The bright colors and the different pictures of birds will make your child happy.
  • Engaging story.

National Geographic Kids Look and Learn: Birds

national geographic kids look and learn birdsnational geographic kids look and learn birds

AuthorNational Kids
Reading age2 – 5 years

Some good things about the book:

  • The bird book presents the real bird’s photo and introduces the preschoolers to the bird’s natural habits.
  • The vibrant color of the book attracts kids to read more and more.

Final Words

The preschoolers do not like to read something they do not enjoy. But, a book with pictures will provide them so much pleasure and increase their attention and curiosity on the topic.

So, if you like to teach your preschool child about birds, you should get a book for them that comes with a bird picture and describes the friendly way. The above book list will be a good choice for them.

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