Are soy candles safe for birds?

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Candles increase the beauty of the nightscape view. So, many bird owners like to keep candles around their favorite pet birdcage and want to provide them better claim experience. 

However, you cannot put any candles around your pet birdcage as not every candle is safe for them. In the blog post, I will provide you with the answer to some common questions regarding this topic.

Are soy candles safe for birds?

The soy candles are safe for birds due to their make. The soy candles are made from soybean oil (vegetable oil). Therefore, they do not contain any toxic ingredients which can harm your favorite pet birds. Also, soy candles release less heat and smoke than other regular candles. 

Also, you will find a beautiful scent from the soy candle, which reduces less CO2 in the environment. Try to get candles that are made with 100% natural soy oil. For this, you can use the One Fur All – 100% Natural Soy Wax Candle (amazon link), which is made with natural soy wax.

Are beeswax candles safe for birds?

Beeswax candles also follow the same mechanism as soy candles. Those candles are made from all-natural ingredients. You can assume which elements are used to make the candles by the name. The organic ingredients are collected from the honeycombs.

The beeswax candles are non-toxic as well as they help reduce the pollutants in your home. Also, the sweet smell of honey will provide a comfortable space for your pet birds. 

But, those candles are more expensive than soy candles. Also, every beeswax candle is not made equally. You might find some hidden chemicals with the scented candles that significantly impact your birds. So, you always need to purchase beeswax candles from a trustworthy manufacturer. 

Soy candles Vs. beeswax candles

If you want to make bird-safe candles, then surely the name that first comes to your mind is soy candles or beeswax due to their natural ingredients. Here is a complete compression of both of the candles, which help you to choose one:

Soy CandlesBeeswax Candles
The scent does not last long, like beeswax candles.Last longer than soy candles.
It cannot fight pollutants but does not have any toxic materials.They can fight with pollutants—better who have allergies.
Less hidden chemical. More hidden chemicals than soy candles.
Easy to clean if the mess is created. Need more time for cleaning if a mess is created.
Affordable Expensive 3 to 5 times more than soy candles.

Are Yankee Candles safe for birds?

Most of the candles come with paraffin wax and toxic ingredients, which cause severe damage to your favorite parrot, lovebirds, or other pet birds. It is quite hard to get reliable candle brands that provide bird-friendly candles. 

In this term, Yankee candle has a good reputation. They are producing candles that are safe for any kind of bird. So, if you are looking for a good candle brand, you can visit their store.

Are unscented candles safe for birds?

It depends on the ingredients. If the unscented candles are made from natural ingredients, then they are safe for birds. Most of the time, unscented candles come without harmful fragrance chemicals but also some come with paraffin-based candles. 

If you are looking for bird-safe candles, you must find candles made with 100% coconut, beeswax, or soy oil. You need to check the manual carefully whether it contains any harmful material or not. 

Are scented candles bad for birds?

Like unscented candles, scented candles will be bird-safe if made with natural ingredients. However, most of the time, scented candles come with hidden chemicals or paraffin wax, which increase the fragrance and produce more smoke. Those kinds of candles are unhealthy and toxic for birds. 

You can use beeswax candles rather than regular scented candles, which provide a better smell if you are looking for scented candles for birds.

How To Make A Bird-Safe Candle?

If you like to make a bird-safe candle, then follow the below procedures:



Step 1: First, you need to melt the soy wax. For this, you can use a pan. Melt the wax on low heat and observe them avoid unwanted burns.

Step 2: Now, put the cotton wick on the mason jar and use clothes pegs or chopsticks to keep it in place.

Step 3: Put the melted soy wax on the jar and do not pour it fully. 

Step 4: Keep the jar at room temperature overnight to set perfectly. Then, it will be ready for easy.

Final Words

Candles increase the beauty of your rooms and produce a peaceful vibe. But, if you are a bird owner, you need to be a little bit careful when choosing candles. Otherwise, it will harm your favorite birds even sometimes it will cause serious diseases. 

However, you can use candles if you are a pet bird owner. But you need to select a candle that is made with natural ingredients. For this, this little guide will help you to know which candles are suitable for your pet birds and which are not.

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  1. I was given a soy based scented (Peony Blossom) from Trader Joe’s and was wondering if this product is bird safe. I have read that soy candles are bird safe however how about the scent? Is there anyway of telling if it is safe for my conure?


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